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hardest rocks ever

  1. Thank you for calling Grimsby Developments, developers of strikingly beautiful heritage homes at remarkably reasonable prices.

To setup a meeting with a member of our team, press 1
To listen to homeowner testimonials, press 2
To speak with Mike Grimsby, press 3
To speak with the billing department, press 4
To leave a message in the company voice mail box, press 5
To review your options, press 9


Looking to build a new home in desirable Mountain’s Peak?  We have 6 lots still available to build your family dream home on.  Come visit us today to explore the possibilities.

Thank you for holding.  We appreciate your business.

Hard wood flooring, cathedral ceilings, open concept living spaces… you can have it all with a home designed and built by Grimsby Developments.  Inquire about our model homes when we return on the line.


Thank you for calling Grimsby Developments, the leader in heritage home development.  The office is currently closed, so please leave your name, phone number, and your request, and a representative will return your call as soon as they can tomorrow morning.  Thank you, and we look forward to serving you.


  1. Hello and thank you for calling Cedar Oasis Luxury Spa. Your dream spa retreat.

If you know the extension of the spa personnel you’d like to speak with, you can enter it at any time.

To speak with massage therapy, please press 1 now.

For our facials and skin care experts, please press 2.

If you’d like to speak with our mud bath and wrap specialists, please press 3.

Or press 0 to speak with main reception.

——- after selection is made ——-

Please hold while we transfer your call. This call will be recorded for quality assurance.


  1. Thank you for calling “XYZ” the call is completely free and will be managed by an English-speaking operator. For training reasons the call may be recorded.


Please hold on, we are transferring your call to the required extension. This year photovoltaic systems will benefit from a tax deduction. Ask the operator for more information. In the meantime we invite you to visit our website where you’ll find the list of all our services or products. We apologise for the inconvenience, but right now we are not able to handle your call. Please contact us later, we will be happy to help you. Thank you.

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  1. All around this vast globe, opportunities are arising like we’ve never seen before, in markets we never could have dreamed of.


In India, the gold market is rapidly rising.


In Denmark, the elderly care industry is surging, directly impacting diversified pharmaceutical and consumer stocks.


In Qatar, the Doha Stock Exchange is set to triple over the next ten years.


But – you can’t make investment decisions from an email tip or a tweet from some ‘global investment insider.’ That’s why you need a trusted bank that can aggregate all those global investment options into one, easy-to-manage app.


The RedBird app takes advantage of Cardinal Capital’s extensive global investment banking network and brings you real-time, institution-certified opportunities, right to your smartphone or tablet. Tailoring and filtering based on your specific investment interests, geographic preferences and spending limits.


You simply sign in with your Cardinal Capital Card information and can quickly start filtering your global investment options on the app.


Download the RedBird app today.

Cardinal Capital. Your wealth is of the greatest importance.



  1. The human voice is generated when interaction occurs between three key parts: the lungs, the vocal folds within the larynx, or ‘voice box,’ and the articulators.


The lungs provide the ‘pump.’ They send airflow, as well as control air pressure, to the vocal folds, which then vibrate, creating audible pulses that form the laryngeal sound source.


Pitch and tone are fine-tuned by the muscles of the larynx, which adjusts in both length and tension.


Finally, the articulators, located above the larynx, then interact with the laryngeal airflow to strengthen or weaken it. The articulators are composed of the tongue, palate, cheek, and lips.


Together, the vocal folds and articulators are able to create highly intricate arrays of sound. Humans can leverage this mechanism to convey complex emotions, suggesting happiness, fear, sadness, surprise, anger, and more.

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